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Investing in a powerful Analytics and Tag Management System is an investment in the future success of your business. Stay ahead of the curve, unlock the full potential of your data, and propel your organization to new heights with our cutting-edge solution.

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    Empowering Your Business with Advanced Analytics and Tag Management

    Adobe Analytics: Adobe Analytics is a comprehensive web analytics solution offered by Adobe. It provides businesses with insights into user behavior across various digital platforms, such as websites and mobile applications.

    Google Analytics: It allows us to track and analyze website traffic, user behavior, and other key metrics. With features like goal tracking, e-commerce analytics, and customizable reports.

    Google Tag Manager: Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tag management system that simplifies the process of deploying and managing tags on a website.

    Adobe Launch: Similar to Google Tag Manager, it allows users to deploy and manage various tags on their websites without the need for manual coding.

    BidQuery: About BidQuery might be context-dependent, tools in this category often help advertisers manage and optimize their bids for online advertising auctions.

    Adobe Target

    Powerful, Absolute, and Specialized- Adobe Target for A/B Testing and Personalization  

    At Core Bit Media, we provide expert Adobe Testing services to an array of businesses. Our certified Adobe consultants are known for helping businesses create a website that pleases customers. We want you to delight your customers and retain them with your business. 

    Adobe Target allows the personalization of any website. The interface is used to create tests for omnichannel eCommerce, targeted content, and different customer segments. The highlight o Adobe Target is that it relies on AI and ML algorithms to allow personalization on a large scale.  

    Why Use Core Bit Media

    The team at Core Bit Media takes care of testing and personalization of the website. From consultation to support services, we ensure that your business website gets the best of Adobe Target. 

    Adobe Target allows you to run A/B tests, one-to-one tests, segmentation, and MVT from a single interface. You can create the tests visually and implement them directly on the website without using any other interface.

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    VWO: Visual Website Optimizer

    VWO or Visual Website Optimizer is a leading testing and optimization platform that helps understand the website performance and provides the necessary information and tools to optimize conversions. The USP of Visual Website Optimizer is that it doesn’t require any code or complex backend work to make changes to the website.
    Core Bit Media uses VWO to run A/B tests, Split URL tests, and MVT (Multivariate Tests) to help with the following:
    VWO offers individual and combo packages for testing, insights, and engagement. Our team specializes in providing complete services that combine testing, analytics, and using the insights to increase user engagement.

    Advantages of VWO

    Why Choose Core Bit Media

    Testing and personalization reduce the risk of losing customers due to ineffective websites. It’s crucial to design a website that offers a great user experience so that customers feel more connected to your brand. 

    Core Bit Media provides testing and content personalization services to help you understand your target audiences and have a better idea about their product journey. We use data-driven models to derive in-depth insights and use them to build attractive landing pages, share quality content, and make the website visually appealing to visitors. 

    Our professionals are experienced and work with businesses belonging to different niches. We understand various markets and tweak the website to suit your target market. 

    Give us a call on +1 (559) 803-1314 to talk to our team. We are always ready to help you. 

    Optimizely Consulting

    Optimizely is a new name for Ektron CMS technology that merged with Episerver in 2014. Ektron was changed to Optimizely in 2020. The platform is famous for helping businesses and marketers create customized outcomes to suit varying customer preferences. Data analytics and personalization are the backbones of Optimizely. 

    We choose from the four different cloud services of Optimizely, depending on the requirements of the clients. 

    The four Optimizely clouds are:

    More Related Services

    More Related Services

    Digital Marketing

    Omnichannel digital marketing services are at your fingertips. We offer end-to-end services you promote businesses online.

    Mobile App Analytics

    Have complete data about mobile visitors and customer behavior. We optimize websites and mobile apps for the target audience.

    Reporting Dashboard

    The interactive dashboard offers real-time insights to compare our services with your KPIs. Stay one step ahead of your competitors.

    Tag Management

    Manage all your digital marketing apps from one location. Our tag management systems are easy to edit and control with a click.

    Web Analytics

    Understand user behavior on your website and offer them what they want. Let your business website be your primary marketing tool.

    Ab Testing

    We perform split testing for all marketing campaigns and your website/ app to determine the best option to attract your target audience.

    Looking For Digital Marketing?

    Get more calls to your business, visits to your website, or customers to your store.

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