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    ppc ads

    Let’s focus on the outside elements to boost your business sales.

    PPC campaigns are not limited to search engine ads. Ads placed on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other sites are also considered PPC ad campaigns.

    What We offer

    Paid Media Marketing

    Get creative and successful with Google Ads!
    Promote the business on the Google search engine through careful keyword selection. We use Google Analytics to track the progress and make decisions about the ad campaigns. Core Bit Media will help you increase the quality score for Google ads and optimize the ads to make them more relevant and impactful.
    PPC Campaigns
    We create the best PPC (Pay Per Click) ad campaigns in the market. Our ads are crafted with the utmost care.
    Google Adwords
    Less competition means more returns. Talk to us to craft the perfect ad!
    Run cost-effective PPC ads on Microsoft (formerly Bing) as an alternative to Google. Reach different audiences and expand the business by reaching out to 137 million unique users. Our team at Core Bit Media knows the best way to generate high returns from low-cost ads on Microsoft.
    Bing Ads
    Let’s bring first timers and repeat customers to your business.
    The PPC ads on Amazon (sponsored display) can increase sales and profits by displaying your products at the top of the search results. We use analytics to choose the keywords and target market so that your business reaches people who will buy the products. Core Bit Media will help you achieve your sales targets every time.
    Amazon Ads
    Reach anyone on the internet through Adroll advertising.

    AdRoll has 500+ network partners. Placing AdRoll ads can give you a wider reach (social media + marketplaces) from a single platform. The retargeting program of AdRolls makes it an effective way to reach website visitors and convert them into customers. Our team at Core Bit Media will create and optimize your business ads for the versatile platform.

    AdRoll Ads
    Creative ads get attractive on Yahoo search engines.
    Reach mobile users through carefully crafted Yahoo Gemini ads. The native video ads have a reach of more than 430 million users. Core Bit Media team creates ads with textual information and visual appeal to bring maximum leads to your business.
    Yahoo Gemini Ads
    More Related Services

    More Related Services

    Digital Marketing

    Omnichannel digital marketing services are at your fingertips. We offer end-to-end services you promote businesses online.

    Mobile App Analytics

    Have complete data about mobile visitors and customer behavior. We optimize websites and mobile apps for the target audience.

    Reporting Dashboard

    The interactive dashboard offers real-time insights to compare our services with your KPIs. Stay one step ahead of your competitors.

    Tag Management

    Manage all your digital marketing apps from one location. Our tag management systems are easy to edit and control with a click.

    Web Analytics

    Understand user behavior on your website and offer them what they want. Let your business website be your primary marketing tool.

    Ab Testing

    We perform split testing for all marketing campaigns and your website/ app to determine the best option to attract your target audience.

    Looking For Digital Marketing?

    Get more calls to your business, visits to your website, or customers to your store.

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