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    Tealium Tag Management

    Tealium Tag Management is an efficient, effective, and comprehensive solution to help the marketing team manage website tags without spending too much money on creating/ editing tags and making the necessary changes across the integrated systems.

    Core Bit Media is a Tealium Certified Agency Partner and uses the platform to provide valuable and accurate TMS services to businesses from various industries. We use Tealium iQ to streamline your digital marketing strategies and give more control to your marketers.

    The drag-and-drop interface makes it an easy-to-use platform that doesn’t require high-level technical expertise. Moreover, Tealium supports all digital tags from different categories and niches.

    Adding vendors to Tealium is one of the easiest things to do. If our business requires custom integrations with countless apps, Tealium should be your go-to option for TMS. That said, using TMS can be complicated without proper knowledge of how things work.

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    The ‘Do Not Track’ feature found in modern browsers is not an issue if you use Tealium. The platform also offers geo compliance based on the laws of different countries. 

    Mobile tags can be instantly deployed without waiting and going through app certification every time. This saves time and reduces the need to change the mobile app every time you change a tag. 

    Tealium AudienceStream is used as a complementary tool with Tealium iQ. AudienceStream is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that provides real-time actionable insights to increase website performance and user engagement. The platform collects data from the client-side and server-side to provide you with first-part data about customers. You can use Tealium to collect data from each user or focus on data from bulk events. 

    Even though AudienceStream and iQ can be used independently, they deliver the best results when used together. That’s because AudienceStream has Tealium’s patented automatic visitor switch that gives you a comprehensive view of each customer’s journey, no matter how many devices they use to access your website. This feature is highly useful for businesses that invest in omnichannel marketing. 

    AudienceStream and iQ simplify the job of marketers in monitoring and managing the website, apps, and user data to implement successful omnichannel marketing strategies and increase returns. 

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